Local places

In our house you will get comfort, peace and good air. Remain good food and good wine. Here are some advises:
-For the daily needs, there is a small grocery store at Erce or you will be able to get all the foodstuffs and domestic basic.
At Oust (6kms of the house) there is an excellent bakery and an excellent butchery.
You will found all the small trade, a good pastry and a cheese maker at Seix (8kms).
-Every Saturday morning there is an open air market at Saint-Girons. It is located near the river and in the shade of big trees. There you will found all kind of products from surrounding mountains. They are sold by local small producer.
For more small open air village market click on: http://www.ariege.com/marches/schedule.html
-For other supplies and industrial food you will found all kind of big super-markets in the suburb of Saint-Girons.


And for our big gastronomes and amateurs of good wines

Before going to our house we advise you to spend one hour in Toulouse, at Victor-Hugo market. It is the center of the regional gastronomy. It is downtown and everybody knows it. You will be able to park your car on a car park at the top floor of the market. The market is open Tuesday to Sunday from 6am to 1.30pm.
We particularly recommend you 4 places which are open all day long. You will find there the essential of our best French foods:
- At Xavier. It is one of the best master cheese refiner of France. The temple of cheese. The store is opposite the market (6place Victor-Hugo)
- La maison Pillon. One of the best pastrycook of France. It has 3 stores in Toulouse. One of them is 2 Rue d'Austerlitz at 100 meters from Xavier.
- Chez Busquets. You will find there a very good wine selection and good delicatessen. Close to Xavier (21 place Victor-Hugo).
- Chez Nicolas. The wine expert. It is the best place to buy wine. A large choice and a good selection for all type of wine. (Next door with Xavier).