Le Picou *

At: ERCE 2 km from the house. Facing the city hall. Tél: 05 61 04 61 18


Good food at a reasonable price. Owners are very kind.
Salad of crayfish and duck hearts with cepes worth going there.
There is a room for bar where villagers meet drink and watch TV. There is another room more quiet for restaurant where you can eat even at late hours.
To go back to the house it will not take you more than 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes walking.



Le Perroquet *

At: SOUEX 7 km from the house. On the village square, Tel: 05 61 66 80 91
The restaurant is closed in the evenings and on Saturday


On the front of the restaurant you will not see any names because unfortunately the parrot is dead.
You will be received by the true patron conductor which is the bar at the entrance.
The food is simple and hearty. The meat and vegetables are local and very good.
We recommend the menu or cassoulet € 13.50. (Wine is included regardless of the menu you choose)


Restaurant de la poste *

At: Oust 5 km  from Erce In the main street. Tél: 05 61 66 86 33


Restaurant is well-known in the province for good food. Menus goes from  € 25 to 35.
In summer meals are served on a terrace close to a swimming pool.
Don't miss a plate of escargots with anis and the magret de canard with mango and banana.
Service is not as good as the qua
lity of the meals.


La Gourmandine * * *

At SEIX 8km from Ercé  On the the main village square.
Tel: 05 61667119 / 06 86762459
When young Alexandrine Dougnac, grandfather worked as a cook on a train crossing Canada and her grandmother owned a creperie in Montreal. Then, together they operated the Auberge du Pont de la Taule a few kilometers from Seix. Seeped in the atmosphere of kitchens from her girlhood days, she always loved cooking pastries and giving a hand in the kitchen.
With the help of her brother they re-arranged the old house at the Seix village square. Only a bar separated the kitchen from the dinning room so that the Chef could watch everything going on.

As Alexandrine did not want to sleep on her laurels, she continue cooking courses every year, and her house filled with cooking magazines to stimulate her own inspirations. In order not to be bored she often changes the main dishes and the menus. Most of the dishes are home made with products coming most of the time from local farms. For example pigs and ducks are raised by her parents. She makes herself the “millas” and uses it to prepare delicious deserts. She also smokes salmon herself, used in many of her preparations.
La Gourmandine figures in the “100 best restaurants at less than 20 €” edited by the Express magazine. Only 2 restaurants in Midi Pyrenees have earned this privilege.
Evening menus are at € 18.00 and 24.00 and one can find, for example, Carpacio of smoked trout with shallot and preserved orange or a duck pie with endives caramelises and green mango.
Alexandrine looks after the stove herself and keeps an eye on everything. This is a great cooking with only complicate and rafinated dishes.


L'auberge des 2 rivières *

At pont de la Taule 11 km from Ercé (at 3 to 4 km from Seix following the river).
Tél. : 05 61 66 83 57




It is an ancient building at the junction of 2 rivers. You will be warmly welcome. Prices are very reasonable.
Food is traditional from Ariege. We recommand you the cassoulet, truits and crayfish.


L'auberge d'Antan * * *

 At Saint Girons (20 km) opposite the gas station on the hill to your right (direction Hotel La Clairiere) Tel: 0561666664

(make sure not to go to Hotel la clairiere restaurant which is very close)


The decoration of the Auberge is a mixture of authenticity and elegance. The surprise of discovery of contrast between wooden beams and fine white porcelain, cauldrons in the fireplace and crisp white linen table clothes.
For the food, it’s comparable to the decoration, a mixture of traditional cooking on open air fireplace, and more elaborated dishes.
There’s something for everyone

- Soup with vegetables of the season cooked over the fire in a cauldron
- Roasted foie gras with apples
- Stuffed porc roasted on aspit
- Millas flambee (a traditional corn flour dessert from the south West)

Unique priced menu 30 €
Children menu 12 €

Open evening only till 23h.


Le carré de l'Ange * *

Saint-Lizier (22 km d'Ercé) at the Palais des Evêques 09190 
At Saint-Girons, direction Toulouse for 2 Km then on your right Saint-Lizier . Tél: 05 61 65 65 65
Ancient Gallo-Roman city, former bishop, the city of Saint-Lizier is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.
The Square of the Angel is located in the palace of the bishops. A collection of modern paintings adorns the old vaulted room of the restaurant. In summer you can sit on the terrace or you will have a wonderful view of Saint-Girons and mountains.
The chef, Paul Fontvieille, offers gourmet kitchen and Pyrenean inspiration. Its objective is the pursuit of perfection and quality. Products are mainly organic and ariégeois.
Prices are reasonable given the services and quality offered.



La petite Auberge de Niaux * *

At: NIAUX. It is 50 Kms from Erce on the way to Tarascon and Foix


Quite good food with original dishes in a remote place. This is very close of the famous Niaux caves. From Erce it is a nice one day ride.
Nearby visits:
- Niaux prehistoric caves.
- Last spinning mill for Pyrenean wool
- Farmer museum




L'auberge de Pierre Bayle * * *

At 62 km from Ercé. At Carla Bayle village North of Mas d'Azil cave. Tel: 05 61 60 63 95
From the terrace, the surrounding view is splendid. The food is creative and uncommon.
Fast service. Price around 40€.
One of the best places in Ariege.
The village of Carla Bayle is an old fortified citadel from the XIV century. In the village you will like the quiet and ancient streets with typical houses. There are also much shops and places to walk around for digestion.








More Restaurants to come......... Your suggestions are welcome.