From early June, the winter is over and the farmers who kept their animals into barns in valleys will benefit from the new altitude pasture grass. Each herd owner whether cows, sheep or horses will bring the animals to the summer pastures. This is the transhumance.

The movement can last from several hours to several days and tens of kms. Animals are retaking the course each year. They know the way and are often pressed to find good grass. They will stay in the mountain pastures until the fall.

Some of these are now highly publicized transhumance. Moving the herd is a show accompanied by a crowd of tourists. These weekend farmers will enjoy nature away from their usual environment. They will oxygenate with a walk in the fresh mountain air (if they do not go by car).
Happily all this allows some local business as markets, shows and meals that are organized for the occasion.
For the program of official transhumance:

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